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You never know where inspiration comes from.  Sometimes it comes from experiences or a story you hear.  As a blogger, you expand your inspiration database watching people and the lives they lead.  I have been thinking about writing my ‘bucket list’ for a while now.  I have been thinking about all of the places I want to visit to put on my list.


The last night I was watching a film on Netflix called ‘Holiday In The Wild’ and I suddenly realised I had been looking at writing my ‘bucket list’ all wrong.

Crete, Land of the Gods
Crete, Land of the Gods

A bucket list should not be a list of places but a list of experiences.  Then I googled it.

Google Search result for

bucket list

[bucket list]

1. a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.
Crete, Islands of the Gods
Crete, Islands of the Gods
Google is so amazing but so annoying at the same time who needs inspiration when I could have just googled!!!!  Oh well, I do like to learn things for myself.  Anyway, my inspiration got me to the right result.
So now I am starting my bucket list all over again as mine is full of places, not experiences.  Am I going to have fun writing my new ‘Bucket List’
I will post my ‘Bucket List ‘ when I finally manage to complete it.  This post may take some thought and time!
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