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What On Earth Is This Guy Doing??? Live And Let Live?

While walking around our home town you tend to see all sorts of weird and wonderful things. I love the variety of life that is out there.  Writing has opened my eyes to a whole new view on the world I live in and I don’t judge like I feel I used to. 

You see all types of life. The mum and her kids, the workman, the office workers, the gangs of school kids and even the drunks and druggies. The last thing you expect to see on your way to work is the guy in the video. This video was taken around 8.30 am. 


Have a look at this video!


I know shocking isn’t it.  Well, they say it takes all sorts to make the world go round!  What do you do when you see this in your town?  Live and let live?  Walk away?  Try to help?  Ignore it hoping it will go away? I am interested to hear what people think or do when they see this kind of thing happening around their home towns as I am sure this must happen all over the world.   I am just grateful this is not me as I have come to realise as a writer not to judge as we don’t know this guy’s story. A face can hide a thousand memories. He may be a great guy that just lost his way.  Do you live and let live?  Comment below!

Do you live and let live?

live and let live
live and let live?


Loving being me.

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2 thoughts on “What On Earth Is This Guy Doing??? Live And Let Live?

  1. Funny! I do live and let live, although sometimes I wish I could reach out more to people who are in obvious need. This guy, however, seems to be enjoying himself and his bottle, so I’d just let him be.

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