Pinterest Account Suspended!!!!! Losing 50% Of Our Traffic!!!

I just wanted to let you all know my Pinterest account with 130 thousand unique monthly views has been suspended for spamming!!! You are probably asking me why I am telling you this as it is not a good thing to be suspended for!  The reason is firstly I need your support,  secondly, it was a genuine mistake and finally, I am asking all of my followers to join me at my new Pinterest account.  I have recently started using an automated post system to save me some time with my blog.  Stupidly I set my posts for some of the automation to post once a day instead of just once!

This was a genuine mistake but Pinterest did either not care or not believe me so at a time when my blog traffic was beginning to blow up I have found my self with 50% less traffic than I had yesterday!  I know I should be more careful but you all know what it is like when you get a new piece of software and you are not sure how it works.  You try all sorts of settings.  I had even tried to delete some of the duplicate posts until I figured out what I had done but again Pinterest suspended and closed my account.  Now, we have the same name for my our, empty Pinterest account.  I really need all of your help, Please!

Please Help!!!
Please Help!!!

Thanks For reading hoping you will help The Go To Girls Blog get the traffic back!

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx

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