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Fire & Water.


If you read The Go To Girls Blog regularly you will already know we are incredibly proud of our hometown Hull. So when you walk around the town any time you are always noticing different things.



Since we became ‘City of Culture’ back in 2017 we have undergone a lot of work which has brought our city back to life. One of the areas which have a lot of work done to it was the city center. The area called ‘Queen Victoria Square’ had fountains installed.



We received a backlash for the cities children playing in them as if this was something other cities had never seen. We don’t care, take us or leave us but don’t criticise us.



We are what we are and if our children want to play in these fountains then they will. We did exactly the same when we went to Florida a couple of years ago. When it is hot and we see the water we play in it!! Anyway, have a look at what the council has installed into them. They have put lights in them.



The effect it gives is that a mixture of fire and water coming out of the fountains at the same time. We think it looks great!



Take a look at the video above and let us know What do you think?

Loving being me.

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