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MRI Scan & Migraine.

If you are a regular visitor to The Go To Girls Blog, you will know I have been suffering pain in my face for over six years now and have been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia.  Well after the diagnosis I was given tablets and that was that.  No further help was offered.  The medication seemed to work for a while and I thought finally they had got it right.  Recently the medication stopped working and the pain got worse than ever. 


I went back to the doctors and they sent me to see a neurologist.  He told me he thinks I have been mis-diagnosed.  He also told me it may be migraine.  Well, I thought this only happened in your head not all of your face.  According to the specialist it can affect almost any part of your body, even in your tummy. 

I thought he was joking but I am not a doctor.  He sent me for an MRI Scan.  On Tuesday I went for the scan and had been stressed about it so much I had brought on quite a bad headache.  I had some pain medication and the headache seemed to subside.  Then I spent forty five minutes in a tube with a horrendous amount of noise being played in my ears. 

This was the MRI Scan!  It brought on a headache so bad I could not open my eyes.  The next two day I have suffered from the worst migraine.  I have only had one episode of migraine that was more painful than this one and that was the first one I ever suffered which led to a migraine attack.  This was similar to having a mini stroke! 

Well the migraine has finally passed and I have it under control by medication again.  I googled if the MRI could have caused this but according to the internet it is not the actual MRI Scan but the noise it gives off which can trigger migraines.  Have you any stories like this?  Please tell me of your experiences of MRI scans.  Did this happen to you?  Can you help me understand what on earth caused this?  

Thanks for reading and please comment below if you can help explain this.

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  1. Most women I know who have bad migraines linked it to their monthly cycles, though stress and dehydration also brought them on. One was helped by going on that birth control where you only menstruate 4 times a year

  2. I’m not aware of an MRI-induced migraine, but my son and I have both had auditory-induced migraines. They are usually visually-induced, but sometimes we’re unlucky enough to for noise to trigger.

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