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Advertising Your Brand.

Advertising your brand is perhaps the most important thing when you are building your brand and for keeping your brand alive and kicking in the world of cyberspace. 

There are so many paid ways to advertise but what about all of us who don’t have a huge budget or even no budget at all?  It seems like everyman and his dog offer to ‘help you break the internet’ but how many of them actually ‘do what it says on the advert’ 

Personally, I do not know as here at The Go To Girls Blog we do all our branding, advertising and marketing in house.  We often brainstorm new and unique ways to advertise. 

We have come up with all sorts  of weird and wonderful ideas.  When you are a blogger you never really switch off so constantly working even when you have a day off ideas come to us.  One of the crazy adverts we thought of was sand writing! 

I know, crazy huh.  Why not?  Have a look at a couple of our sand adverts!


The Go To Girls Blog Advertising



Why not give it a go the next time you are at the beach?

It might just save you and your brand some money and give you some fun days at the beach.

Let us know the unique ways you advertise your brand with little or no budget.

Thanks for reading.

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx