Blogging Rule 6. Great Time Management.

Time must be the no one thing all bloggers struggle with especially If you have a full time job as well as a full time blog. What can you do about this? I hear you ask. 

Have great time management skills or get a plugin to do it for you.

Time management plugin
Time management plugin

There are so many different jobs you must do to run your blog successfully.  You have to find time to come up with great ideas for your blog posts, take photos, keep your website up to date as well as maintenance and updated regularly. 

So time management can be time consuming in itself.  If you really want to keep on top of your time then  you can always use a great plugin. 

Here at The Go To Girls Blog we use Timetable and Event Schedule by MotoPress

Time management plugin
Time management plugin

This plugin is great for arranging your time into slots of various tasks plus those all important meetings. 

You can arrange the whole lot in one plugin which is good as who wants to be splitting themselves between multiple time management apps as well.  If you have a WordPress blog then give it a try.  

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