Blogging Rule 8. Use Analytics

Any blogger loves to see how their website is doing across all of the social media platforms and especially their blog.  To do this you need to have some form of analytics to record things like how many followers you have across all of your social media platforms. 

What method people used to find your site, did they search Google or did they click a link in Pinterest?  How many pageviews a day do you have and even how much time on any given page within your posts or website.  I know it sounds amazing doesn’t it that you can actually see all of this information. 

Analytics All around the world

Well you can and I can tell you it becomes quite addictive.  Watching how many visitors you have on the blog you just posted, tracking daily figures to determine growth of your blog. 

It feels great when you see one, ten, a hundred, a thousand people visited your site today and you never know when it is going to stop.  Maybe it won’t, maybe in a few months you will have a million views but the analytics will still remain on of the most important tools you will ever have a blogger. 

Analytics All around the world

It will also help you find your audience, how old they are, what devices they are looking at your website on and even what interests they have.  This may not sound like information you want but believe me it is! 

This is the breakdown of everything you will ever know to make a success of your blog.  Use it wisely and it will help you build your brand.

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Blogging Rule 9 tomorrow.

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