Blogging Rule 14. Niche.

Choose your Niche

Blogging Rule 14 Niche
Blogging Rule 14 Niche

An important part of starting a blog is choosing a niche.  If you are not familiar with blogging, a niche is a chosen area to base a blog on. i.e. food or fashion. 

When choosing the niche for your blog think about something you can write with ease about, something you are passionate about. 

Write about something you know about.  It will make your blog so much easier to write if it is something you know about.  For example, a chef would not go for a job in an office doing accounts as he would not have the knowledge to do the job so why would you write a blog on a subject you do not know anything about. 

Also, the internet is a brutal place if you get it wrong.  Here at The Go To Girls Blog, we have had first-hand experience with readers criticising our writing when we get it wrong. 

Pick Your Niche Carefully

Blogging Rule 14 Niche
Blogging Rule 14 Niche

It is not nice but you have to just suck it up and be polite with any criticism you receive.  Hence the reason for choosing something you know about.  Also, research is key if you are expressing a point you are not sure about research it! 

It will take a couple of minutes but it will be worth it.  Especially when you are writing and giving people advice or tips you need to make sure you are giving the correct information.  So choose your niche wisely. 

You don’t even need a niche to begin your blog if you are not sure what is your niche then just write about all sorts, to begin with, and then narrow down your area as you grow your blog.  Your niche will eventually shine through in your writing. 

Hopefully, you will end up with a niche you are knowledgable about and make your blog a success. 

Good luck with choosing yours. 

Thanks for reading. 

Blogging Rule 15 tomorrow.

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx