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Do You Use Social Media?

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Nowadays social media apps are everywhere and you will find it hard to find someone who does not subscribe to one or more.  I regularly hear people discussing what they heard on Facebook or the amazing scenic photograph they posted on Instagram from a recent holiday. 

I sometimes think about how people would cope if the internet ever crashed and was never recovered.  I wonder what people would do next? 

How would they manage to live in the real world without social media?  What would you do? have you ever even considered life without social media?

Anyway back to the focus of this post, social media is here for the foreseeable future at least and is easily recognisable by the icons they use. 

As I have said in my previous posts this is exactly why you need a brand logo.  You may not be the new Facebook or Instagram yet! BUT you never know and I really do mean this. 

Everyone starts at the beginning don’t they and they all start with a logo.  A simple symbol that is going to enable them to be recognised by millions of people and used by many more. 

Every blog and/or website uses these symbols to link their social media accounts so that their followers can easily navigate to the accounts of the particular website without having to use the search engines. 

This guarantees you are at the ‘top of page one on the search’ without actually being there.  One of the easiest things to use to create your own social media link is the icons with a link behind it. 

This is usually incorporated into your website/blog but what about when you need an icon for another document where do you get this from? 

Do you spend time trawling the internet for a usable icon? 

How do you choose from the millions of icons available? 

Social Media Icons

social media

Well, we can help you with this. The Go To Girls Blog has done all of the hard work for you.  Simply sign up to The Go To Girls Blog and we will send you a link to our social media icons which are free to use.


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