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How Is Your Imagination?

Have you ever wondered about what it takes to be a writer?  Don’t ever think you have not got what it takes to make it as a writer!  I used to think about this.  Then I began to think about what I needed to become a writer and I finally figured it out. 

It is just two things in my opinion. Imagination & Inspiration!  If you have these things then you can basically write. 

I know you would also need a basic understanding of the language you are writing in but that is something that can be learned. Imagination however I don’t think they can be taught, they are just things you either have or you don’t. 

It’s weird as when you are a child your imagination runs wild and people seem to lose this as they grow older. 

My imagination, however, has got better as I grew older and now I have this whole fantastic world inside my mind which is bursting to get out.  Every time I feel one of these ‘moments’ coming I grab a pen and paper or my laptop and start writing.  I have been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil.

I very rarely find it hard to write but the more imaginative stuff comes when I am playing with my grandson.  Together we make up the most fantastical stories and games.  I think he just reminds me of a childhood I never had so I live it out through him.  

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Loving being me. 

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