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Are We All Hoarders?

I started to notice that the house was getting smaller and I was struggling to find a spot for things. I like everything to have its own spot but it wasn’t if I had doubled up on things for certain places. For example, I had three candle holders for the window sill. Not long ago I didn’t have any. That was just the start of our descent into being a hoarder’s.

Don’t get me wrong, we are not the type of hoarder’s you see on the TV where you literally cannot move in the house. I don’t sleep in the corner of a room like some houses I have seen on TV. So I carried on buying things, just to make the house prettier. I need this mirror for that space. I need this cushion for here. I think that picture would look great on this wall.

I did not even realise how full the house was until Chris and I were arranging to renew our mortgage fixed rate. We arranged for the surveyor to come and took the day off. Generally, the house is tidy anyway but we wanted to give it an extra spruce up before the guy came. The weekend before he was due I had promised myself I was going to declutter my dressing room.

Wow was I in for a nasty surprise!? I thought it would be an easy job.  So we began.  The first room to get decluttered was my favourite room in the house My dressing room.  It used to be beautiful, don’t get me wrong it is clean but it is just full.  Handbags and shoes mainly closely followed by clothes and makeup.  I emptied all of my wardrobes and then removed everything from the top of them.

I placed it all in the middle of the room and I even surprised myself.  I knew I had a lot of stuff but this is ridiculous.  The pile in the middle of the floor was  (i wish I had taken a picture of it) about three feet high and four feet square.

I started working my way through the piles of things and put them into piles.

Things I want to keep.

Things I want to throw away.

Things I am going to sell.

Finally, things I am going to give to charity.

Even put into piles it did not seem to clear much.  I had to go through the piles a few times before I was happy with the ratio’s of stuff to keep to the rest.

I had promised myself I would at least get rid of three-quarters of the stuff and this would let me have my beautiful room back.  At the end of the day, I was fairly happy with the results.  I boxed up the different things and moved them into the garage.  So now the garage is a little fuller but my dressing room is looking better.  So this room was back to its former glory and the valuer could actually come and see the room as it should be.

The day came for the valuer to come and the house was looking great.  However, Chris and I have a little secret….. What I hear you ask?  Where did the rest of the clutter go????  The loft, the garage, and the understairs cupboard are all bursting at the seams!!!!!  

Wow, I just had a thought.  I just realised I am Monica from Friends.  Do you remember her flat, lovely, clean and tidy but then there is ‘that cupboard’  The only difference is I have three cupboards…… Three very large cupboards.  

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have a hoarders story.

Loving being me…

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx

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  1. I started to declutter non stop a few years ago and must say it feels good except when I look for that thing I stored in the attic for years without using it and then I suddenly need it after I had just threw it away🙄

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