Fed Up?


I find myself today feeling really down.  I don’t know why but I thought I would write a bit about how I feel and see if I can figure out what is making me feel like this. 

I know I will not be the only one feeling like this so I am not writing this post simply to moan but I am writing this as an exercise to see if writing about it will help. 

I have heard this is a good way of exorcising my low mood.  Since I am not working at the moment I have had a lot of time to commit to the website but have found myself procrastinating A LOT! 

What is all that about? 

While I have been keeping myself busy in some areas like house and home my business/website has suffered as a result.  I do not have a clue why this is! 

I could have spent the last three months building it up and making something great with it but I have not and I am so mad at myself for letting everything slide. 

I need to get my A*£$ into gear and stop with the low mood and procrastination but I cannot motivate myself to do it. 

Some days I get up and think today is the day I will change the world and I have so many amazing ideas to put into practice so why aren’t I doing just that???? 

I truly do not know! 

Does anyone have any tips or advice to get me out of this funk and back to being me!  Positive, excited, confident, hardworking instead of sad, fed up and lost??

Not loving me so much today.

Love The Go To Girls  Blog xxx

7 thoughts on “Fed Up?

  1. Awesome honesty! We all have crappy days and reading about someone else being honest about theirs can really help others feel less guilty when they’re having a bad one.

    1. Sorry if I have or haven’t replied I totally think I missed this comment. Yes I get it when you feel like you’re the only one having one of those days its great to know you are not alone xx thanks for reaching out xx

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