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Do You Need Help With Social Media Engagement?


Did you ever wonder how some people are getting a lot of engagement on Social Media and you are not? Then read on

social media icons
social media icons

1. You need to vary what you post.  Vary the emotion, happy, funny, sad are great emotions to use for engagement.

2. Blah, Blah, Blah!  Yes, don’t blah people.  Keep your post from being boring.

3. Share your own posts more than one time.  We use a social media scheduler.

4.  Make posts short, to the point and get your message across.

5.  Add color or design.  Put a colorful background or picture on your post.

6.  Use great photos.  Use your own photos as much as you can.

7.  Be positive.  Don’t be a hater.  If you receive comments which are negative thank them and move on!

8.  Make sure you are consistently engaging yourself.  How can you expect to receive consistent engagement if you are not consistent your self

9.  Create amazing social media posts.  There are plenty of ideas on the internet for a new post.  

10.  Keep working on your posts.  Read other bloggers’ success stories.  You never know you might just hit upon your success story in the process.

Thanks for reading. 

Loving being me. 

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