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Tick, Tock……

Tick, Tock, Goes the clock, Time goes by, We watch it fly.   Sometimes its quick, Sometimes its slow, Do we have a choice, Where the time goes.   We wish our time away, Just waiting for the day, When we will be free, When we can be ‘just me’.   Tick, Tock, Goes the… Read More Tick, Tock……

The Go to Girl

Love to Love

My heart on show love to¬† love, I was alone I was feeling down, Never felt so sad I was a clown, Looking up at the moon I started to think, Why have I allowed my heart to sink, Now that I’m alone all I can do is grow, Fighting everything life throws at me,… Read More Love to Love


Heartbroken …….

Heartbroken, sat here alone, What did I do, Why don’t you all like me, You took my feelings, You crushed them into dust. Thank you, you hurt me, I did not do anything to you. I work hard, You think I don’t, I am sat quiet, Just busy. I don’t stress, I just get on… Read More Heartbroken …….