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Tick, Tock……

Tick, Tock,

Goes the clock,

Time goes by,

We watch it fly.


Sometimes its quick,

Sometimes its slow,

Do we have a choice,

Where the time goes.


We wish our time away,

Just waiting for the day,

When we will be free,

When we can be ‘just me’.


Tick, Tock,

Goes the clock,

Don’t wish it away,

One day it will stop.

Thanks for reading,

Loving being me,

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxxx






4 thoughts on “Tick, Tock……

  1. Hi ya, I think it’s easy to wish it away, but you’re right we need to appreciate every moment.
    Hope you’re well 🙂

    1. yes I am goo d how are you? I know I wish every day away from 9-5.30 while I am at work I have so many better uses of my time but need to earn a wage too.

      1. I’m good thanks and I’m like you I look forward to getting some me time which is the bit you get which isn’t work or home life.

        Have you been up to much?

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