Introducing Theo

This is Theo, he is our grandson. He is three and since he was born I can’t remember what we did with our time. He sleeps over every weekend and we have even renamed Friday it is now Theoday lol. So on Friday our daughter called and said he was poorly and had a temperature and she was taking him to doctors we had all had flu recently so we were worried he may have it, luckily he did not he has an ear infection ooooh painful, I know as I suffer with my ears for ages and for a toddler to suffer with that pain I can’t imagine poorly boy. As a rule he is the most pleasant little boy you could ever hope to have but he had been screaming earlier so we knew something was wrong hence the doctor visit. So after a 3 hour wait in walk in doctors ( I know disgusting for a toddler you have to wait that long) we got diagnosed with an ear infection, a visit to chemists for his medicine he wanted to go to MacDonald’s. How could we say no. He did not eat much but something rather than nothing (I think he just wanted the toy)
Anyway we got home after dropping our daughter off (she needed to go home and get some rest after 3 sleepless nights with a sick child) First things first was time for theos meds, antibiotics and nurofen (prescribed by the doctor)
Half an hour went passed and Theo came over and asked if he could have his sticker book so off he went with it 😳
Granny can I stick these anywhere he said
No Theo where do you want to stick them?
On the carpet ?
On the door?
On the floor?
On gramps?
Ok, well I couldn’t keep saying no could I lol!
So armed with his sticker book he went off to see his Gramps and began applying stickers first to his arm, he said they were plasters as his Gramps was hurt ( he wasn’t)
It did not take long to cover arms, legs then finally face. Gramps kindly told him I was also hurt and needed plasters too, he is evil?!?
Once he got bored ( or there was no more room to put plasters) we asked if he wanted to go to bed early as he was poorly. He did so off we went.
When we get there he wanted to go in the cave! We have to give him his iPad for a light and off he goes under the covers into his cave. Why do we all love caves and tents when we are little. He stays under there for ages , if it was me I would get all hot and bothered but not Theo.
It was a couple of hours later when he finally went to sleep after watching Cars for the 100th time.
I was glad he did actually got a good night’s sleep as he had been so poorly the three days before.
Next day he wanted to make a picture for mummy’s birthday and we had bought a little bath, candles and bathbombs so we had to make that together. He loves his mummy 😍
When we were making the picture he wanted me to show him how to spell his name ( well he is 3) so we spelled out all of our names as you can see in this picture. All in all quite a craft filled weekend for such a little boy.
He never complained about being poorly once, bless him… this is an introduction to Theo and we have so many stories to tell you about him, he is funny, cute and very clever. He loves it when we video him then play it back to him he laughs even more than he does in the video.
More from Theo soon ….