The Go to Girl

What happened to the world

I thought I would write this blog as the last couple of days I am increasingly wondering what has happened why are people just seemingly happy to act like complete idiots and seem to enjoy being rude and annoying and generally trying to upset or embarrass people for pretty much no reason.
No it is not the ‘youth of today’ they seem to be polite and well mannered it seems to me to be the middle aged to older people, the ones who preach about the lack of manners in our younger generation. I don’t know how they dare. I can’t recall how many times I have heard people in my general daily life speaking to people like they are there to serve them and therefore they do not need to be polite to them.
People who serve you in a cafe or a shop or a help line are not there to be abused, shouted at or intimidated because they did not help you or get you what you asked for.
I am sure a lot of people do try to help, I know I have had my patience tried a few times just this week, my grandson had a severe ear infection and had to got to emergency doctors and no matter how polite we were to the receptionist she did not seem to gather he was genuinely in need of immediate assistance. I had to prove to the receptionist he had a high temperature for her to move him up the ladder of important cases did they give me a thermometer to do this no I was so worried we went and bought one so we could prove he had a temperature When we finally did it was 38 then we got seen too in five minutes flat
My daughter needed antibiotics for a severe flu and throat infection she went to the doctor he gave her some antibiotics for a common cold 3 days later she is admitted to hospital as she has not eaten or drank for 3 days an is now severly dehydrated they put her on a drip for 24 hours with strong antibiotics and she is now on the mend
example try to order dinner
I wanted a sandwich for my dinner I knew what I wanted tuna crunch sandwich and a jam donut ok you think No “do you want that in a meal deal” the lady asked ooh yes please I will have a fanta as well please “and what would you like with it” a donut and a tuna crunch sandwich please ” Oh no sorry that’s not in the deal” well I don’t want the deal then I just want a tuna crunch sandwich and a jam donut “aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh” how hard is it to get my dinner I only have an hour
Websites that tell you to do something but won’t let you do it
People who insist on helping you find something in a shop or say they don’t sell it when I know they do
When your driving and someone looks up sees you coming and puts there head down and crosses anyway
People who u ask a question an they give you there life story
Shelf stackers in the exact place you want to be
Your on the phone and someone walks behind you listening to your conversation am I that interesting I don’t think so
I apparently have an invisibility cloak on most of the time as people just don’t see me
Phone calls you don’t want in the first place and when you tell them to stop calling they are rude to you
When you just want a duvet day and cold callers knock just when you get comfy
Your trying to feed the dog and he will not get his head out of the bowl even though it is empty and you walk down the garden with your hands full and he has to walk in front of you but just one step so you end up falling over him
You ask for directions and some people just point and mumble
Jobs Worth’s
The traffic warden who made us move the car even though we were on a deserted street
Toilet monitors at festivals who tell you how to use a portaloo
People who tell you what to do
The way everything is arranged so if you work you miss it tickets shows openings
So that’s my list of pet hates for today lol on a lighter note I still love being me