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Bloggers….. I need your help

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As you may tell from the title of this blog i need to get some guidance and hope some more bloggers will like to empart some of their wisdom to me.  My question is…
How do i develop my blog from here….
i have the photos, the experience, the ability and the memories to write but i am not so sure on the development of the actual blog and my website itself.  I would like to hear from some more established bloggers about the experiences they had when they started. I don’t personally know any bloggers and have been blogging my self for 22 days. So i am a complete newbie to this, i started blogging as my head is so full of life and stories it felt like it was starting to leak out.
I needed to write some of this down just to get it out of my head and make some space for new experiences.  This may sound crazy (i am not lol!) or not, you may even empathise with my predicament, either way you may be able to help.  I have several interests and as i said on my original post i am going to blog about all of them and eventually develop my blog into distinguishable chapters.
I need advice on how other bloggers gained followers, i realise it will not be an overnight thing.  I dont even know really anything about blogging apart from the writing part.
I have my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages linked to this, is this the only way to drive traffic to my blog site or is there other ways to do this..  I would like to know how to increase likes and comments, is this just a content thing?
If you think you can help me in any way please leave a comment below

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  1. Thank you for this post (although obviously I’m a few months late coming to it ;-)) I’ve just started my blog and I’m looking for ways to get myself out there and read as you were. You’ve obviously done lots of things right because you’re doing so well 🙂

    1. Thank you xx if you can bear with me I will drop you a message tonight sorry about this its just been a busy few days and I am currently hobbling around after I hurt my leg so things are taking a little longer than usual xx

        1. Hi, Sorry for taking so long to reply. I have written some do’s & dont’s for getting you started.
          Let me know if you have any questions and i will be happy to help a fellow blogger.
          Let’s start with What you should do:
          1.  Read and follow blogs in the niche you are interested in.
          The more you read the more you will get ideas from seasoned bloggers for your own work.
          2. Interact with people and be friendly.  Everyone loves to find that kindred spirit.  People often meet & click with over a common interest.  This will help you make friends and give you someone to bounce ideas over with.
          3.  If you have Social Media Accounts use them to increase traffic to your site.  If you don’t use Social Media consider starting as this is a great way to get your blogs out to more people.
          4.  If someone contacts you ALWAYS reply.  Even if it is a simple thank you.  You will be surprised how much people appreciate this.  
          5.  The final do in this list is do your research or if you do forget something about somewhere you have been tell your audience.  I recently forgot how many floors at a museum and so I did not look a complete fool just mentioned this to my readers.  (I said 3 floors I think but forgive me if there are more as there was so much to take in) Try not to get facts wrong. 
          Now on to the Don’ts
          1.  Do not be rude to anyone.  This could be ignoring people or responding to negative comments.  Let bad people be bad but don’t let them turn you bad.  
          2.  Do not post negative things about people and do not write bad things in your posts.  Try and keep a positive vibe in your writing.  If you are writing a negative story try and put across both sides of a story.
          3. Don’t get sucked in by people telling all those get rich quick stories.  Write because you love to write, if you end up monetising your site (monetising means making money from your site, just in case you did not know) then that’s great.
          4.  Don’t spend money you don’t have.  Many sites and videos will say you need this app or this course.  You do not need anything apart from your website to write your blog.  This may change as you get bigger but for a small blog or a beginner, remember to keep your money in your pocket for now.
          5.  The most important don’t on this list is, don’t get disheartened.  Believe me you will get disheartened by the pace you are growing or the amount of readers and followers you have frequently.  This is natural during the initial stages of your life as a blogger. 

  2. Laina’s advice is spot on. It is crucial to use the search facility in WP to start finding kindred spirits with similar intetests. Visit then and comment. Visit their visitors and so on. It does work I promise. I am usrkess at networking in real life and yet I have 400 followers and have made a number of good real life friends too.

  3. Hi! 😊. I thought I’d reach out to you, since maybe I can help 💓
    There’s a lot of blogging advice out there, but I never paid much attention to most of it. I think it would cause me more anxiety than anything else lol.
    There are a couple things I learned the easy way, and a couple things I learned the hard way.
    Easy-way tidbits first 😁
    – Visiting other people’s blogs and Interacting with other bloggers – you’re already doing a great job with this one 👍🏼. Visiting people’s blogs, liking their posts, leaving comments, and then replying to the ones on your blog–all important things, and you’re doing them well 😊
    – Tagging and categorizing posts – you’ve got a good system going here, too. Google likes to see posts in categories; you’ll turn up well on Google that way 👍🏼. Tagging posts will help other WordPress users find your posts, too, so that’s good 👍🏼
    I learned the hard way that WordPress only lets you use a total of 15 tags + categories on each post in order for the post to show up on the WP Reader; any more than that and it sees the post as spam (many of my posts had like 40+ lol; when I trimmed them down, they performed better) 😂💙
    People tend to follow a blog that deals with a particular subject/topic/theme. My Asperger’s-themed blog gets a lot more visibility than my miscellaneous blog, and both cases are just fine with me 😊
    Writing somewhat consistently helps, although there’s a lot of leeway here. I write anywhere from once a day to once every 2 weeks, so that’s not exactly consistent (lol), but I find that my blog suffers if I either don’t write for a month or more, or if I write, say, 3-4 posts in one day, especially if I do that on a regular basis, as it would get too overwhelming for some.
    Other than that, Be You 😍 Show your pictures, share your thoughts, don’t apologize for who you are or try to please everyone. Hate mail, if you ever receive it (and hopefully you never do), isn’t the end of the world, either. Just write as the inspiration strikes you; if you have a lot of thoughts to share and you’re concerned about posting too much, you can always schedule posts to appear, if you like. Otherwise, just hit publish with confidence that you’re helping make WP and the world a better place 💜💜

  4. Looks like you’re doing very well so far, and that’s such a great reason to begin a blog (such a wonderful format!) … to share all of the stories and ideas and photos that were beginning to ‘leak out’.
    I’ve been blogging for awhile now, and I’ll say honestly that it’s a real experiment that you kind of live into. WordPress has been great when I’ve had tech issues, and I’ve learned a lot just by searching for perspectives on questions that I’ve had, reading various other blogs and articles, etc.
    We grow, we learn, we gain experience that ripens our perspectives, and the blog shapeshifts to reflect that.
    But one thing I’ve learned that seems really important is to just be authentic … your heart, your voice, what really moves you. With time and experimentation, you’ll build your audience among kindreds and those who appreciate and resonate with True You.
    Best wishes (and keep blogging!). Jamie

  5. I just started a blog too! Keep going girl! Don’t worry! You’ll fix what you don’t like step by step. And if you need help shout! I’m not sure I can help you but I can support you for sure 🙂

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