Welcome to the world… Theo

He was due the end of August, but we would have to wait an extra week for him to arrive.  I think his mummy made it a bit to comfy in there for him and he did not want to leave.  Finally we got the call, he was on his way.  Only thing we were all at work, so off I went to the bosses office.  He is coming can I go early today the baby is on his way, of course they let me go.
I got to the hospital about 4 I think hoping I had not missed anything,  was I in for a surprise when I got there.  Our daughter wanted me in the room with her, I was surprised at this as it was not something we had discussed or I even imagined I would be asked to do.  As you can imagine I was over the moon and instantly said yes.
I was going to be at the birth of our grandson and I could not believe it.  The nurse was nice and she had been looking after Louise so she was ok with me.  Anyway it turned out not to be such an easy birth for Louise and Theo as during the labour the contractions started to slow down.  I had not heard of this before but the pregnancy was not a barrel of laughs for her either.
I think we all lost count of the amount of times she went to the hospital for regular check ups and ended up having to stay for extra checks and particularly baby measuring.  They kept saying the baby is not growing as he should.  He actually was fine and a good size.
Anyway I had been at the hospital a couple of hours when he finally made an appearance.

By the time he was born Chris had arrived and was desperate to meet him but the nurse would not let anymore people in the room until someone left, as it happens the dog had been home alone all day so daddy volunteered to go so me and gramps could see him together for an hour (thanks Mike) We go to see him for an hour then we had to let mummy get some rest.  This truly was the best day ever and in the last few years there had been a lot of good days.
The next day we had the chance to visit in hospital as they were kept in for a while. We joined a baby club when we knew we were going to be grandparents .  Having a baby, need help?

Again we were there like a shot, we could not wait to see them both.  I could not wait another minute to have another cuddle with him.  They came home later that day and that was the beginning of a new chapter in all our lives.  The day that little boy was born something changed for all of us, he changed all of our lives forever.
More on Theo soon…….

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