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Harrogate and The Majestic Hotel

As we live in the north-east of England we like to see all the sights of the area, there are a lot of beautiful scenery around here,  if you care to look.  One of our favourite places to visit is Harrogate it is just over an hours drive from home and easily accessible.  We wanted a weekend away but somewhere peaceful, somewhere we can walk and talk without having to navigate a thousand people.  Anyway we had never been to this particular hotel but we saw the photos and were instantly taken by the look of it.  We were not disappointed! You must and I cannot stress this enough you must stay at this hotel…..             The Majestic Hotel………
IMG_20170416_202435 (1)
This hotel has been named correctly it is the most beautiful hotel I personally have ever stayed in.  From the moment you drive up to the check in area you actually feel like a queen pulling up here.  It is like something out of a fairy tale it is just so beautiful.  I could not actually believe how beautiful and bet you all think it was very expensive….
No it was not you certainly will be pleasantly surprised when you check out the website and look for The Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, England.
Anyway we pulled up, parked and went in to check-in, the staff were so polite and pleasant.  We were checked in within minutes and shown to our room.
Surprisingly the room was modern not in keeping with the style of the hotel but I suppose you have to keep up with the times and people these days want modern convenience rather than old-fashioned spaces.  However this was a lovely room, with lots of room, a small seating area and en-suite bathroom.  We did not see the view straight away but when we did it did not let the hotel down at all. We looked out onto the front gardens.
Can you believe the view…… I love a good view and we were not disappointed by the view from The Majestic.  We stayed in The Majestic for a few days but I think we only went out one night as we found we had everything we needed right there.  They have a pool and a spa and the most impressive decor, i just wandered around looking at every little detail of the hotel.  The staircases, the rooms, the architecture was just amazing.  I cannot tell you how gorgeous this hotel is.

So we continue our travels home and abroad always looking for the next beautiful view, the most unusual hotels, the quaintest villages we can find and with the size of the world I don’t see us running out anytime soon.  I hope we go back here but i also intend to check out the website that led me to this hotel, hopefully it will lead me to my next hotel adventure.
Thegotogirlsblog….  loving being me see you soon happy reading x

9 thoughts on “Harrogate and The Majestic Hotel

  1. Driving through Harrogate can be a bit of a nightmare. I’ve never stayed there but always meant to go and explore the Baths and such. The hotel does look nice. 🙂 🙂
    Many thanks for the follow.

  2. Great place, if I only had money……..hey! I just realise you are discriminating against men since the name of the blog is
    the go to girls….hummm. Great place, I have only been to England twice so I’ll watch your blog or as I coined the frase
    “I’ll do my cool stalker moves”, when time permits. Interesting blog you have here and appreciate you taking the time to read some of my crazy blog posts.

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