Easter project with Theo

About a week ago my daughter texts me asking if I could decorate an egg for Easter with Theo as part of his class project. Yes always, I love doing things like this with him and he loves it when we paint or glue, well anything lol.
I went to get stock you know the usual, hat, eggs, bunnies, chicks, glue and glitter.  Theo did not know we where doing this, this weekend so when he got up on Saturday I told him.  As you can imagine he was very excited.  We had two projects we needed to do, first make an Easter bonnet and then paint an egg.  Easy you think, er no! Have you tried sticking things to those hats the amount of glue you have to use is crazy.
We got all of the parts laid out and took them out of the packaging, Theo insisted he must open the glue, as he would be the one using it the most.
We had to come up with a size of glue blob he should use.  He would squeeze the glue tube and I would say go and stop otherwise we would end up with an entire tube of glue in one blob.
We began sticking, eggs, nest, rabbits and carrots among other things, as I said i was worried if we would have enough glue to stick it all on.  Theo is always full of his own ideas for how things will be done and you must always allow him to express these views, i tried to advise him he was wrong once and told him he should ‘do it like this’, you could not imagine his reply.
‘No granny, that is a bad choice, you have to do it like this!!!!!!’
I could not believe my ears, from then on we always listen and agree unless it is dangerous of course.
Back to the project, after about half an hour and half a tube of glue this is what we made
We put some real chocolate eggs loose in the baskets for his friends at foundation class to have when they had the competition, this way they would all get a little something.
There was a few eggs left over so Theo had an idea, he thought he should not waste them so it would be a good choice if he ate them.  So he did….
Onto the next project the egg…..
We had all manner of fun doing this egg, the most fun was teaching Theo how we did not need to buy all of the colours as if we had the main primary colours we could mix and make other colours.  He was fascinated by this and we discussed the mixtures of various colours in great length.  You would not know he was 3 if you had a conversation with him.  His face when I put yellow and blue in his palette and told him to mix them to make green, it was like ok granny have you lost the plot??  When it did make green he was amazed.
What other colours can we make granny?
Any colours you want to make Theo.
That was the start of about an hour of a mixing colours lesson, we ended up with all sorts of colours.  We finally started painting the egg and an array of smaller eggs with various colours we made earlier! lol sounds like Blue Peter I childhood program making craft inspired contraptions, pictures etc.
This is the egg we made.
Theo was so proud of it he had the biggest cheesy grin and could not wait to show his mummy.
So this was the weekend with Theo……
Fun was had by all
Pop back soon for another blog of love, life and family from thegotogirlsblog….
As always loving being me…. Thanks for reading

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  1. Oh this post brought back awesome memories for me. My grandma would have us all decorate hats every year and we had a parade and competition for best hat. We’d also colour eggs using dye and that’s where I learned colour mixing too:)

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