Theo, his second birthday and the special guest

Ever since Theo was old enough to watch TV he has always loved the minion stories and we missed his first birthday (long story, pre-booked holiday and child born late you know the story) so we had to make up for it on the next one.  We wanted to do something really special for him but what?  We had plenty of inspiration as we had been to America and Universal the year before, what about getting him a minion to come to his party.  Good idea but very expensive or hire the costume and dress up ourselves.
Did we dare, of course we are nothing if we aren’t a bit (well a lot) cuckoo! lol!!!! So off we went to see if we could hire a costume.  It was about a month before his party so were we cutting it a bit fine but we found a costume shop on the internet, called them up and yay! they had a suit free on the day we needed it.  The next we could for see was the toddler/lifesize minion situation.  Would he or the other children at the party like it or would they all run screaming to their parents
How could we find out…….
Shall we try it out on Theo the week before his party………..
Ok! so we did …..
Watch the video to see his reaction ……

So i think it is safe to say Theo liked it, i think we can risk it with the other children so we did.

It was a massive hit, nearly all of the children loved the minion.

I had to take it in turns with my husband and his brother in wearing the costume as it was a hot summer day and you can only wear the costume for about 20 minutes before you start overheating.
It felt so good to get out of it, also we had to lead each other around the garden as it was not easy to see out of the mouth.  Otherwise a great party was had by all.

The only thing left to do was give Theo his present.  He really wanted this when he saw it in the shop so we could not resist getting him it.
Come back soon for another tale of love, life and family…….
Loving being me…..

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