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Introducing Theo and Granny Monster…… The Adventures

If you follow my blog you will know a little about me already and my family.  You will have seen my family and in particular my beautiful grandson Theo.  He really is the light in my life, well one of them.  You will also know i love photography and obviously i love writing as since i have begun my blog the words just will not stop flowing.
I am not complaining as I find it so relaxing and a way to express myself.  I used to write children’s stories when i was a child and then due to circumstance when i began growing up stopped.  Now i am back doing it, a couple of weeks ago i released my first book, it was a book of poems called Love Scares Me.  by Donna Young
I wrote this about twelve years ago when I met my husband.  It was all of the feelings he released from me and i had to write them down so i could remember how i felt about him then and truth be told still feel for him now.  Anyway i digress, so i began thinking about all of the imagination i have locked away for so many years and decided to let it out so when Theo was small i started playing a game with him called Theo and Granny monster.
Basically it began with me chasing him around the house growling and hiding in and around the house.  He loves this game and so it evolved into something more and I began telling him stories when i was trying to get him to sleep.  It began with the introduction of the characters who would be appearing in the story and quickly became various adventures of where they went together and what the did.
Theo comes and stays with Chris and I once a week and it has become a regular thing that I have to tell him two Theo and Granny Monster stories each time and then off he pops to sleep.  As i was telling him some of the stories my husband said why don’t you write these down.  They are really good and you have the wildest imagination, just making them up as i go along.
Eventually I started asking Theo make some of the choices within the book, this gave me a toddler’s eye view of his imagination and what he likes.  Believe it or not but he actually is very clever for a three-year old and he actually helped me develop the characters when i otherwise may have got a bit stuck on detail.  So i finally got to sit and write down some of my ideas, develop my characters and a bit of a background for my stories.
Now I have published my first book in the series of Theo and Granny Monster Stories, really this is not so much as a story but an introduction to the characters and the village and a bit of an explanation of the characters and how they came to be.  This will be soon followed by the first of the adventures of the pair.  I will be publishing this in the next week or so.
As I work on my book i found myself at the mercy of the readers and trying to find an audience for my stories is going to be tough.  I would love it if you all my fellow bloggers, readers and families would buy my book and read it to your children and then review it, let me have your thoughts good or bad (please be gentle with the bad).
It is available as is my other book on Amazon Kindle and on Smashwords.  If you like it tell everyone if you don’t please tell me.  Go on have a look it wont hurt and it’s priced at £2.10 so less than a cup of your favourite coffee.
As always loving being the go to girl writing the go to girls blog
Loving being me
Loving my family
Loving life and thank my lucky stars i awake everyday with a smile on my face
Thanks in advance xx

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  1. Congratulations! You sound like you are on the ball. Your book makes me wish I had children to read to, in my life. All my kids are grown and none of them have had children yet. They don’t appear to be in a hurry, either.

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