Remembering Stanley

HNI_0020 (2)I was pondering what to write about today and was looking through our photos for some inspiration…….
This is something I like to do to spark a flame of thought that leads to a full-blown blog or story or even poem.  Anyway the photos i got inspired by are related to one of the worst thinks to happen in our lives lately, losing our beloved dog , Stanley.  He was such a big part of our lives and everyone who met him loved him.
He was so gentle and loving.  I decided to tell my readers a little bit about him.  He was about eight weeks old when I brought him home, he was the cutest little gangly legged thing you could ever imagine. All blonde and white with the darkest brown eyes you could fall into.  He had the sweetest nature i have ever known, although if he was not expecting to see you he would practically jump out of his fur.IMG_20170412_180530
Going out in the garden is quite difficult at the moment as we still see him everywhere, his toys, his bowls, his bed.  I went into Theo’s Tiki Bar for the first time the other day, there in the corner was a cushion we had put inside the bar for the winter.  Unbeknown to us he had made this his day bed and had been sleeping in there while we were out at work during the day.  It smelt of Stanley and had his little paw prints on the cushion.DSC_0021
Even though he is gone I still think i hear him sometimes, i know it’s probably just the wind in the trees but i like to think he is still there in the garden, watching us waiting for the leftovers from tea.  We always used to cook too much food so he always had a portion on top of his doggy food.  He really liked chicken, he was not really a fan of vegetables though lol!IMG_0454
We spent a lot of time outside when the weather permits, as you know the UK is not famous for its long lazy hot days of summer.  You have to make the most of every sunny day you can and this always meant spending time outside with Stanley instead of inside.
We have a reasonably sized garden but he would still get under your feet and trip you up or if we laid out on a blanket he would come over and snuggle up to you.  Chris built a step in the back garden when he put French doors in the cinema room, Stanley thought this was for him and everyday we came home from work when it was warm there he was laid out on the step, sunbathing, silly dog.IMG_0453
He did not really take to many people when he was young but as he got older he mellowed a bit and when we built the bar and started having parties out there he would walk around mixing with the guests waiting for them to give him little treats.  We eventually had to tell everyone to stop feeding him as he would not know when to stop and would have made his self sick.

We love this furball so much and will miss him forever, but he is always with us.
Hope your playing with all your furry friends Stanley love you lots.
As always loving being me thanks for reading.
Come back soon for another story of life, love and family
Love thegotogirlsblog xx

19 thoughts on “Remembering Stanley

  1. Aww thank you for sharing your memories with us. I know what you mean. I thought I heard my golden retriever Cindy’s tags on her collar for months after she wasn’t there any more. It’s good to remember the happy times X

  2. What a beautiful tribute to Stanley. I just read the other post “Goodbye Stanley …..” Fifteen years is a long time to have a pet, and it sounds like Stanley was a big part of your family from the tender age of 8 weeks until his passing. You have woven a tale of a beautiful and high-spirited pet and I imagine it was sad to find that cushion that Stanley used for a little hidey hole. Dogs are special – they make us have a happy heart, especially ones like your beloved Stanley. Thank you for sharing this story. I am sure it was difficult to write it. I am still moved to tears when I think of my bird Buddy.

    1. Thank you it was hard to write but also after we published the story we reminisced all night watching old videos of us all together so that was nice if not sad x

      1. You’re so welcome – after I lost my companion pet Buddy, I wrote a post because I was so upset and seeing the empty corner in the kitchen where I work from the kitchen table, it just broke my heart. It helped, but there is still such sadness sometimes. A little bird wormed his way into my soul. Take care. This was my little Buddy who I often mentioned in my posts as he was constantly singing:

        1. Oh my this is beautiful and I love the end about god lending us animals and then taking them back this is such a comfort thanks so much we truly are animal kindred spirits as I could not of said that better xx

          1. Thanks, and yes we are animal kindred spirits … because I work from home and he was with me all day and evening, and his death was so sudden, his absence was profound. The space on the butcher block/counter top where his cage sat … I couldn’t look over there and I moved the toaster oven there to just fill up the empty space. It seemed a little surreal at first. One day he was here, and the next day he wasn’t. I cannot read that blog post I sent you without misting up … I am glad I shared it with you.

          2. I’m so sorry for the late reply I thought I replied to this ages ago I know what you mean and I am glad you shared I feel like I have made a true connection with you xx

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