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My Story So Far…….

As you may know (if you read my blog often) i started my blog just over 3 months ago.  Since then my life has changed so much, already i have gained over 500 followers.  Thank you all!  I have published 42 blogs and had over 4000 views, i can’t believe it is going so well i never for a moment thought anyone would want to listen to what i had to say let alone read what i had written.  But people do and i have had some really nice people reach out to me, commenting on my blogs from meeting my family to the death of my beloved dog Stanley.  To them i say thank you for all of your kind words and support.  Since i started writing it has become a sort of therapy for me to write about my life.  There are some parts of my life i am not ready to write about yet and still am not sure i will ever be able to bring myself to put pen to paper as they say about some parts of it.  Somethings are best left in the past as i have done for a long time now.  Anyway i digress as i often do when i get a train of thought into my mind, my mind is wandering a bit tonight as i am a bit annoyed with GoPro at the moment.  I bought a GoPro Session and after six months it broke…. BAD then GoPro replaced it for me…. GOOD then i get it home and it will not connect….. BAD so i have to call them again tomorrow…… BAD
Anyway back to my none drifting mind……
After i started my blog i began exploring all the other parts of my artistic side, my love of photography and writing in particular.  My feet don’t seem to of touched the ground since.  I seem to spend all of my time these days either writing or taking photographs.  I wake up in a morning before work, i write, during my breaks, i write, when i get home, i write. I can say writing has taken over my life but i am not complaining, not at all, i seem to have released something deep inside of me and the words just never stop.  I really don’t know what has happened.  Then when i am not writing, working or with my family i am snapping away with my camera, most of the time when i am with my family i am making memories.  My poor grandson has a camera around him since the day he was born and now regularly poses for photos for me, no before you ask i never make him we always play games and just end up taking photos or videos as reminders of the fun times we have or to send to his mummy and daddy.  My husband Chris sent me a video while i was at work on Saturday morning of them playing a game and when the video was about to finish you can hear Theo say let me look at the video gramps, as if he was having the last word on whether it was good enough so send out.  He loves it when he sees himself on video an often laughs at the videos of him laughing, weird! Off i go on a tangent again sorry.  The next thing i have done was self-publishing my book ‘Love Scares Me’ which is a book of Love Poems i wrote about 12 years ago when i met my husband.  I was looking for something around the house and found an old note-book which contained all of the poems.  I would not of dared publish them until i let Chris read them and he said he loved them and i should think about publishing them so i took the plunge and did it.
Now i am writing my first children’s book, Theo and Granny Monster and their adventures.  This all began with a game we play where granny monster (me) chases Theo around the house like a crazy person.  You have never heard a child laugh as much or as loud as Theo does when we play which makes me chase him even more and so on.  It came to me one night when i asked Theo if he wanted me to tell him a bedtime story and i could not find the book i bought for him, so i made a story up about Theo and Granny monster and he loved it so much he asks for two stories every weekend.  I thought as i used to write stories when i was young i would give it a go.  I began writing and up to now have about five different adventures in the making, the only thing that’s stopping me now is money and time.  To try to make some money i opened a shop on MiPic as The Go To Girl selling some of the photos i have taken over the years and also put my book on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords by Donna Young (see the advert on my blog for details)
I need to do some research on the marketing aspects of my book and photos so i can make enough money to follow my dream of having a successful blog and become a full-time writer
Feel free to support thegotogirls in my ventures to realise my dream
Thanks Loving being me
thegotogirl xx

Funding a dream to be a professional writer

The light at the end of the tunnel is to realise a lifelong dream to be a full-time writer in a life where i am surprising myself everyday by my achievments and always striving to reach a place i literally never dared to dream of as a child. It could actually be achievable with your support.


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  1. Thanks for the follow. I think everyone wants to have a successful blog and be a professional writer, don’t they? That’s my ambition too! It’s great playing with grandsons, isn’t it, especially if you don’t see them that often.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. I am not sure do you have any books you are writing? I did not realise so many people wish to be writers yes I love my grandson dearly jr stays once a week so that’s good xx

      1. I have had lots of magazine articles published about places we’ve sailed to. I would like to write a memoir type book about my boarding school life in the 1970s, and another one about on living on a boat and related sailing anecdotes…..

  2. What a touching relationship between you and your grandson!
    I enjoying stopping by and getting to meet you through your post.
    Praying for you and your blog. God can! 🙂
    God loves you!

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