Family and the Bank Holiday Weekend

Wow… what a great weekend !!
The sun was shining and it was hot! hot! hot! This was the first bank holiday of the year it has actually been nice enough to go out and even away. So we did it all and this is how it went. I was at work on Saturday morning so we changed Theo’s day to the Saturday instead of he usual Friday, not good but better than not having him. We cannot miss a Theo day and he is going on holiday with mummy and daddy soon so we wont be able to have him one weekend. We are not looking forward to that at all!! LOL! We cant begrudge them all a lovely family holiday can we but I think next time we should go with them so we don’t have to miss any time with him or them for that matter. Anyway back to the weekend.
I left work at lunch on Saturday, came home, got changed and went straight back out the door for a trip to Castleford, it’s about an hour from where we live and I had been looking for a writing desk for our home so i can write instead of having my laptop or pad and pen on my knee. I found by chance a writing bureau very cheap on Ebay. I put a bid of £15 on it, not thinking i would win it but i did, no one else had bid on it. Lucky me!
So off we went to pick it up and then stopped off at Glasshoughton Shopping Center for a bit of retail therapy. We bought a lovely indoor water feature.
We have recently been making a few changes to the living room it is kind of brown, grey and grass-green. I like it, all the different textures, colours and fabrics go well together.
Again back to the weekend, we arrived back around four just in time for Theo to arrive. We still had a couple of errands to run, I needed paint for the bureau and a bit of shopping for the weekend. Off we went the three of us. Asda, B&Q then Frankie and Benny’s for a bite to eat and Long Island Ice Tea for me Mmmmn. Sorry Chris was driving so Shandy for him LOL!! He is a very responsible driver just as he should be.
By the time we got home it was Theo’s bedtime so a shower and bed for all us, we were quite relieved as we had been out since 8am that morning so nearly 12 hours. Theo always likes to watch a movie when he goes to bed and his new favourite movie is Angry Birds. He wanted Chris to sit and watch it with him, as always gramps obliged.
They are so cute together, don’t you think?
A couple of hours later i had a sleeping toddler and a very tired husband, i knew it was time for sleep.
Next morning, we were up early again and out by nine. Off to the local car boot then to Hornsea. Chris takes us to this little car park near where his Grandmother used to live. A short walk and a set of stairs and we were on a lovely part of the beach at Hornsea.

We had a picnic, made sand castles, played ring toss, then bury the ring toss in the sand. Dipped our toes in the sea brrrrrrr, it was freezing. Not going for a swim then, NO!

After a couple of hours palying on the beach we decided to pack up and go for a walk along the sea front. This is one of my favourite parts of going to the seaside in the UK, the cute little beach fronts with the promenades.

We went for fish and chips a little place we found on an earlier visit to Hornsea, they do the most delicious fish fritters, for those of you who don’t know what this is it is like a fish and potato sandwich dipped in batter and then deep-fried. If they dont make them at your local fish and chip shop, if you have one then make your own they are amazing and I am sure you can find a recipe online for them.
Again the day got away from us and before we knew it we had run out of time and we had to leave ready to take Theo back home. This is our least favourite time of the weekend as it will be another week before Theo comes to stay again, we do see him during the week but it is not enough time but you know what its like we all have to work and have lives to live etc. We stayed for a while at our daughters as she had rented a bouncy castle out for Theo for the bank holidays so we had to all have a play on it with Theo.

We had to leave eventually as it had been another long summer day, it had been the best day of the year so far, we love spending days together as a family, well with a few people missing but we will have other days where we will all be together.
So we finally came to the Bank Holiday Monday, we could really do with a rest today as the other days had been so busy……. but……. you guessed it, we ‘pottered’ around the garden.  Chris tidied the garden and the bar ready for the first party of the year, hopefully this will be soon and the weather will be great throughout the summer, we have had rain for so long we deserve a nice hot summer. Then there is me……
What did I do, apart from get through a mountain of washing we had built up over the week, (i would usually do Saturday but it was bank holiday! lol!) I decided to up-cycle the bureau we had picked up the day before.  It was my aim to just sand and paint it with a sort of chalky effect paint.  I like this matt look on wood as i don’t believe wood was meant to be shiny, this is the final result.

I may do some more  to it but for now it is all I am doing to it, i am going to let it settle into the living room, if it does not ‘fit’ then i will do something more to it, oh yes i also up-cycled an old coffee table while i was at it. img_20180507_195729615537016663659323.jpg
So all in all a busy but very good bank holiday weekend.
You can see why I love being me….
I have the best life, love and family you could ever ask for and i love them all very much.
Anyway it getting late and work in the morning so until the next blog
Thanks for reading see you all soon
Love thegotogirlsblog xxxx

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