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The Go To Girls Blog Goes Over The Edge…….

img_20180904_1841364971256685304141673.jpgI almost forgot to tell you about this trip we went to do this one after the Secret Sender Scavenger Hunt.  I am glad I did not forget as this was one of the craziest things Chris and I have done.  Well maybe not for Chris but this was taking my fear of heights to another level.  Imagine you are about 22 stories high and then you get on a swing which hangs over the edge of the building.   What ? I hear you ask, yes you did hear right we were going to the A’dam Lookout  in Amsterdam.  Believe me this is not for the faint hearted.  img_20180904_1841031292408441598541127.jpg
We had been on the Hunt for the Secret Sender during the day and thought we deserved a treat so booked tickets for the A’dam Lookout.  If you have not heard of A’DAM LOOKOUT — It is a 22-story-high observation tower with 360-degree views of the city.

We arrived at Central Station and as usual asked the very friendly locals how we get to the A’dam Lookout.  We were directed to a tunnel, walk through there and get the ferry across to the other side of the River Amstel.  This was the quickest ferry ride we have ever had.  It takes about five minutes to cross the river and the ferries come every five to ten minutes.  On the other side of the Amstel it was a five-minute walk to the tower.  The path was lined  with small art installations, which made the walk even nicer.  You can see some of them in the photos below.

We entered the tower and were directed around to have a couple of photo opportunities.

Basically you are in a room with a metal girder and you have to decide how you would like your photos to be taken.  Some people just sat on the girder.  Not us we thought we would use our imagination as we discovered whatever your pose the end photo appears as if you are hanging hundreds of feet above Amsterdam on a metal girder.

See what you think of the photos, we had a lot of fun making these.  Obviously we were going to do something random.  Then it was time to move on to the 360 degree view deck, this is all glass with absolutely amazing views of this city.  You must have a look all around as there is so much to see out of all of the windows.  Have a look at the video of the ferries and people from the top of the tower on Chris’s YouTube channel Travels of a Tiger The people look like ants.  It is so funny to watch them.

Then came the time for us to go on the swing, Over The Edge.  OMG I was so scared when we got on this swing I was literally rigid in my seat.  They took a video of us while we were on it.  Check it out here You can see the fear in my face while Chris is moving around on the swing, looking all around, I am sat perfectly still.  At this point I am absolutely terrified BUT I am not a chicken and I have to at least try to conquer my fear of heights.

Not doing too good at the moment as everything I go on that is high I close my eyes.  Although if I go on something enough I eventually get used to it like the rollercoasters at Disney and eventually ride them with my eyes open.  Surely this must count for something.  I am going to say it does!  Anyway after that ride from my nightmares Chris took me for a well-earned glass of something alcoholic to settle my nerves after my brave deed.


Well that was another one-off my list of stupid things to do and I survived.
I am still loving being me, just a bit shakier lol!
As always thanks for reading my adventures of love, life, family and travel.
Love The Go to Girls Blog xxxx