Just A Thought…..

Just a thought in time,

Made me begin this rhyme,

As I just always hoped,

It could about make a dime.


Sat here moping,

Still always hoping,

I would be a success,

Instead of a mess.


You might think I am joking,

But when you start poking,

You will see a life,

That has not always been nice.


To help make my way,

I write every day,

These thoughts they keep coming,

Along to them I am humming.


I have always had these songs,

Along with some musical bongs,

I cant empty them quick enough,

Before my heads filled with new stuff.


So now I write more,

Hoping the thoughts start to slow,

Up to now no not really,

So my brain leaks out daily.


So I write more and more,

Then my mind just gets sore,

So I write more and more,

Just hoping for that knock on my door.


Will you sell us your rhymes,

Then maybe in time,

You will surely realise,

You are worth more than a dime.


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