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The Go To Girls Blog……. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I have been on holiday all last week so thought I would get loads done, writing, researching you know all the things you don’t always have enough time for. Did i do that, well kind of. I did get my website updated with a bit of help from the tech guys at WordPress (thanks). I am very impressed with the look of the website at the moment. i also got quite of bit of writing done. I have recently discovered i can write poetry and i have some pretty nice comments on my work so far. I am also in the process of writing a my second poetry book to follow Love Scares Me which I have self published on Amazon.

Along side the poetry books i am writing a children’s book based on myself and my grandson and our adventures in a magical land.  I look forward to writing as i find it a release for me whether it be poetry or blogging or children’s  stories.  I find it really relaxing until today.  I am always hearing from people, bloggers, blogging groups when you blog you should ‘blog about something you love’ or ‘blog about something you know about’ but what about blogging directly out of your own life.
You know when you have one of ‘those’ days. I thought i would give you an insight to one of ‘those’ days in the go to girls life. Today has certainly been one of ‘those’ days. It is a Sunday here in sunny Hull which started my day off great. Then after i got up i had arranged to go to look at a wedding dress with my daughter.  Yes, my only daughter is getting married…… Yay.  There has never been a prouder mother.  But back to the story i am sure i will tell you a lot more on wedding preparations as and when they happen.
Upon my return i had planned  to get back to writing and then realised i did not have a blog in my mind to write.  What i mean is every time i have ever wrote a blog i always have a day or event in mind and this time i never.  Usually if this happens i have a look in my photos and a story will be there hidden in the thousands of photos in my library.  I have some of my photos filed and in the correct folders and years etc.  Then i have another lot of photos which are in folders dated but not labelled correctly.
DSC_0858This obviously makes finding and choosing stories very difficult.  The story i wanted to blog about today was when Chris and I went to Scape Park in The Dominican Republic.  However my usually good filing system had other ideas for me.  I spent about an hour looking for the photo’s i wanted, on mine and Chris’s laptops, old and new.  I still have not found them, then Chris said we only took video’s on this trip.  AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
What?, I mean, What? AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! thanks for remembering after we just spent all this time looking for the photos!!!!!!  Anyway I still have not found them.  I did locate a memory stick which had the ‘trip guides photo’s’ on it.  I will use these for the Scape Park blog but will continue to look for the others.   Does anyone have any good indexing apps or software they can recommend for me as I need to get my ‘house in order’  I really need to index my photos and blogs etc.  My day did not get any better from there.
I have recently ventured into the world of Facebook, if you read my blog often you will have seen the recent blog asking for advice on the pro’s and con’s of Facebook and i am beginning to this the cons’ outweigh the pro’s by far.  So far i have been in ‘Facebook jail’ 3 times and am currently unable to post any links to my blog.  I have joined several blog groups to try to increase my viewers and followers and have just been accused of ‘spamming’.  I had no idea what spamming was and had to ‘google’ to find out.  How can i be spamming if i don’t know what it is?
DSC_0853Apparently really easily!, by putting my website link on a Facebook group i am spamming others in the group although the other members of this group are able to post their website links with no punishment from Facebook.  I literally don’t get it!  What am i doing differently to other members.  So currently i am in Facebook limbo!  I have a page called The Go To Girls Blog and a group called Blog Yourself but i cannot link my blog to them on Facebook.  What makes it worse is there is no way you can actually speak, text, or email Facebook.
If anyone has any tried and tested ways of getting in touch with Facebook let me know. Even after I decided to have a moan on my blog (sorry) it still did not get any better as i tried to login to my Amazon account on my new laptop i could not remember the login details and had to get the information i needed from my phone, which is not as easy as copy and paste on my laptop.  After all has been said and done i have a massive headache and i am back at work tomorrow.
I know you don’t have to tell me i should be grateful as these things are such ‘little stupid things’ to moan about in the scheme of things in the world today.  I am so grateful to be me i have a lot to be thankful for but just needed to get this off my chest before my head bursts with stress.  When i think about all the things i have to be grateful for i thought i would include them in the pictures for the post.  I am suddenly smiling and my headache is subsiding.  Who would have technology?  I still would!  If any one has any comments or solutions to anything in this post (apart from shut up! LOL) please comment below.
Still loving being me (although slightly moaning)
Thanks for reading please come back soon (I don’t usually write a ‘MOG’ Moaning Blog)
Love always The Go To Girls Blog xxx