The Go to Girl

My Beauty Regime

Most of these products are under £10 apart from my secret addiction (Dior Lipgloss) I am sorry but its my must have in my make up bag.  All of these images are links to affiliate sites, where they are available to purchase.  Please do not feel under any pressure to purchase them but also feel free to purchase them if you want!  Thanks if you do!
My favourite face cream has always been from Olay.      I have used this cream since I was old enough to moisturise.  It truly has kept my skin looking young and so soft.  Everyone always says oh, you don’t look your age.  Thankfully! I say!!  Thank you Olay.
I have big blue eyes and Maybelline Colossal compliments them by making eyelashes long and full.
What can i say about this foundation apart from if i need a selfie while wearing this i am always ‘Insta-Filter’ ready.  It covers and conceals my skin beautifully while leaving me feeling as if i am not wearing foundation.  I don’t like wearing a full face of make up as a rule so this is perfect for me.
This little tool has given me new eyebrows, no more eyebrow dyeing or taking ages colouring them in with a pencil.  A quick fill in first thing and i have perfect eyebrows all day.
 Finally my little secret addiction, this is slightly more expensive but every women has their must have in their makeup bag.  This glides on and feels amazing on my lips.