Help Me……..

With my head  in my hands,
Tears in my eyes,
The pain is too much to bear,
Who will help me, who will care.
I have been suffering too long,
Want to rip my head off,
Just to get some relief,
Just to get some peace.
The pain is piercing,
Like a needle in my ear,
The pain is constant,
Something I don’t want to feel.
The cold hurts it, the vibration, the noise,
I can’t help it, its out of my control,
I just need someone to hold me,
Just to take the pain away.
A kind face, a comforting word,
A warm pillow,
Anything to calm this pain,
Who can help, who will care.
Pain, pain all I know is pain,
All to lose and nothing to gain,
When will it stop,
Will it just carry on?
Hoping soon it will be gone,
I thought it was solved,
turns out nothings resolved,
Someone HELP ME please.
I can’t take,
This pain anymore,
It’s beyond my control,
That i know for sure!