A Glimmer of hope,
That’s what I have,
It’s more than I had before,
When it’s dark you can’t see the light.
It’s hard had keep your head held up high,
Hope begins to grow,
Soon it’s doubled in size,
I finally looked through my own eyes.
A glimmer of hope sees a tomorrow,
Wow there it is,
It is all mine how did I miss,
It it’s right there.
I want to share my glimmer of hope,
I share as I do care,
You helped me through all the dark,
Snuggled up with you because you cared.
Now you need me too,
I share my hope with you,
I give you my glimmer of hope,
You share it back to me.
Always half and half,
That’s what we do,
Two halves of that coin,
Through and through.