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The Go To Girls Blogs Goes To The Ideal Home Show Christmas

Well, this blog was a really nice surprise and I must say a big thank you to Corinne and the team at Rare Breed Publicity for sending us tickets for the show.  We were amazed by what we saw at The Ideal Home Show Christmas.


I love the Ideal Home magazine and often buy this when I need inspiration for my home so when this opportunity came up to go to the show we jumped at it.  We have not been to London for a while so it gave us the perfect excuse for a bit of work and a bit of sightseeing.  We booked to stay in Edgeware Premier Inn for a couple of nights.

More on the other parts of the trip later.  We set off early on Saturday morning so we could spend as much time as we could at the Ideal Home Show Christmas.  Although, we did not realise it would take us so long to get across London.  We eventually arrived around ten thirty at The Olympia and headed straight into the show.  It was absolutely packed as soon as we walked in the door.  The stalls where end to end and this venue is huge.  The only decision we had to make was which way to go and where to start.  Right then let’s go left! That was a good choice as the first stall we see is MiHome

I like all things shiny & sparkly and this stall was full of shiny things.  If you like that shiny mirrored pristine look in a house then this place is somewhere you need to look.

You can find them online at

If this was the first stall we found imagine what was to come.  Oh if you could only imagine what was to come.  The imagination that has gone into some of the stands we are going to show you is just outstanding.

One of the firsts stands we saw was this one. These guys where lovely.  The product they had was in my top three of the day.  The Halo-trac will be available soon and i will be getting one or maybe two (my husband wants one aswell as my grandson LOL)

The train around the tree Find them at

This stand smelt all kinds of chrismassy, it was a mix of all kinds of wreaths and radiator bags full of oranges, lemon and pine cones and oils ready to decorate your home with the most amazing Christmas fragrances.

Find them at Jormaepourri


Handmade Christmas decorations on this stand were exquisite.  All snowy and sparkly. Find them on Amazon at Link Exotics

I had not seen this before and thought it was such an amazing idea. I love this It was a crate full of 24 pressies wrapped up in small bags.  I thought you could adapt it for special occasions such as the run up to a wedding or a special birthday.  This would keep your idea relevant throughout the year.  (Feel free to use my idea at Bespoke Advent Crates.) I need a wedding one for my daughter.  Crate advent calenders Grown ups or Children are available.

Amazing childrens crates Find them on Facebook at Bespoke Advent Crates


Candles to die for where prominent on this stand.  I must admit i am a bit of a candle nut and have them all over the house so when i saw and then smelt these i was hooked.  Find them at Adore My Door 



OMG i love this stand.  This is the second of my top three from the show.  I have never seen Fat fairies before but they are going to look amazing on my Christmas tree.  So cute and just a bit of extra Christmas fun.  Find them at Lamond Products

Fairies, fairies, fairies.  All so cute and you can even make your own with the Fairy Craft Kit.  Find them at Raindrop Crafts

Well i thought Chris was just going to move into the  display.  He fell in love with this and i do believe sometime in the near future we will be purchasing one of these tables.  I could not get him away and the choice of the day for our home is going to be the cooler and the fire table.  Find them at Unique Tables

Chris usually looks after the outside area of our home so when he saw this it was another item on the list for the coming summer.  You know after a hard day at work come home, go out into the garden with the wine/bubbles cooler laid out on our recliners he said.  I was there with him in an instant.  They had such a range of designs to fit your outside areas.  Find them at Outside Gang

Sorry everyone but this was not only in my top three but it was my top pick for the day.  What a totally amazing idea.  Using literature as art.  The guy who we spoke to on this stall had us memorised with the development of his idea and we are definitely going to be seeing him again.  Who would imagine you could fit every word of a book on one page let alone in a picture. I could not stop thinking about this stall all week and could not wait to pass his details on to everyone i could as i truly want the world to see his amazing work Find him at A Book On A Page

Please check out the website for these images you will not be disappointed.


The candle held in a moon was my favourite on this stand.  They had so many beautiful ideas and lots of Christmas decorations and gifts.  Find them on Facebook Bjork Hus


If you are a fan of all things shiny then this is for you.  Everything was twinkly but then out of the blue came the obscure.  Icelollies and cocktail glasses stuck to a mirror, genius!  They look amazing.  Find them at 1Wall

If you like a retro piece in your home then this is the website to visit.  The lights above were just a couple of the many on show and also the bottom one was my faovourite.  Perfect for reading.  Find them at Aura Glow


I am including these photos but with an apology.  I can not remember what the name of this stall is.

For this i am sorry.  Firstly i love this stall and really wanted to include them in this post, secondly i really want to purchase some of the items from them.  Please if this is your stall or if you can identify it please let me know in the comments below.

As it is the Ideal Home Show Christmas, i absolutely had to include this living space.  Have you ever seen anything so beautiful.  This is my personal favourite room on display. The colours and texture used in this room is so incredible i just had to show you all it.  Let me know what you think of it.

As you can see we had a very busy and quite unique experience at The Ideal Home Show Christmas.

We took lots of ideas from the show which we will no doubt utilise in our own home.  So we would like to say a big thank you to Rare Breed Publicity for the opportunity to visit the Ideal Home Show Christmas. Please have a look at some of the really talented peoples work on the websites and follow us all on social media.  Remember to mention me if you do.  Thanks

Just another reason to love being me…..

Thanks for reading and pop back soon for more tales of love, life, family and travel from the go to girls blog.

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Love from the Go To Girls Blog xxxxx

P.S we are back after our battle with shingles Phew!




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