The Go To Girls Blog and the Christmas Weekend Fun.

This was the first weekend in December and Theo was coming to stay for a couple of days while his mummy went to the Christmas markets in Amsterdam.  This was the perfect time for us to decorate the house and put up the Christmas tree.  We have a tree we had for a few years but this year i really wanted to get a real tree.  We had seen an advert on the tv for trees but when we tried to buy one online they had sold out.  Off we went to B & Q.  They have some beautiful trees.

The man from the garden department took us to the trees and we found our tree the first one we looked at.  He stood it up and it was perfect.  The man seemed quite surprised we had chosen so quickly but when you find the one you need look no further.

It was raining when we left the shop and Theo thought it was really good fun to run through all the puddles.  Well you don’t wear wellies and waterproofs for no reason, do you?  Theo had fun before we even got the tree home LOL!  We brought the tree in and then we realised it was to big!  Oh no! how many times has that happened to you??  We had to rearranged the entire living room to fit the tree into the corner of the room.  We finally got the tree out of its wrapping and out it popped. 

Theo was so surprised when it was unwrapped.  Can we put the baubles on now granny?  Yes Theo, you can.  You can imagine how long it takes to dress a Christmas tree with a four year old.  Yes you guessed it!  a long time.  A really long time.  I think nearly all of the baubles Theo put on fell off the tree so we had a lesson in how to stop them falling off.  He got the principle really quickly and soon we were on a roll.  He did not want me to do it on my own, as he wanted to be part of the end result.  We had bought some Nutcracker soldiers and Theo had to be the one to put them on the tree, they were his.  Well about two hours later we went from the picture of a bare tree above to this!  What do you think?

We love it!!

Theo was very happy with the tree but he wanted to help with the rest of the decorations.  So off we both went.  First the cinema room had to have a tree…..


Then we had to put up some decorations around the living room……


After this Chris had to come and help me to find Theo as i lost him!!!!!  Can you spot him?

After that little hiccup LOL !! Theo wanted to have a break and have a hot chocolate and play a new game we had found him.  So indoor snowballs were a great addition to the days festivities.  Although according to Theo, grown ups are not allowed to play this game as they are not very good at it!!


We finished playing and next on the Christmas decorating was the hallway.  Theo has to be the one to turn on all of the lights.  That has been his job for a couple of years, he has loved lights since he was small thanks to Chris who used to show him the lights when he would cry when he was little.

When we had finished the stairs it was getting late and was time for us to have something to eat but Theo wanted to wrap up a present for his mummy as he hates being away from her. He is just so adorable.  What do you think?

This was just the best few days we could have had with Theo.  We all had so much fun.  The best of the fun was to come the next morning when we all woke up refreshed from our busy weekend.  Chris and Theo began playing a new game.  Have a look and tell me what you think it is?  Don’t ask me what they were playing, they don’t even know but it looked like a lot of fun LOL!!!!


You can see why we as a family have so much fun, we are all totally bonkers!!!!

So for now i will end this tale and say thanks for reading and please keep coming back for more stories of love, life, family and travel.

Loving being me………

Merry Christmas to all & come back soon for my top ten gifts for Bloggers…. Techies…… Children……Mums & Dads.

Love as always from The Go to Girls Blog xxxx


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  1. You certainly had fun! I grew up with my grandparents, and decorating the house was always something that involved all of us – like a family tradition. I think it’s more fun that way and it’s lovely that you made some happy memories with Theo during the weekend!

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