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Back on track……

Hi everyone, apologies for my absence but since I had the shingles in November I have pretty much-caught everything that’s going around including this weird cough that was followed with an awful cold and then a chest infection. This culminating in a week and a half off work. I have been so sick I couldn’t find the energy to get out of bed let alone blog.

I spent ages building a following and really hope you all come back to carry in reading all the tales I have to tell. I have so much to catch you all up on. Our visit to London and Christmas. Then there was New Year. We managed a couple of hours with family before the sickness really kicked in.

Anyway, after all, that’s happened in the last couple of months I want to ask you all for your help. What I need from you is your advice.

Have any of you suffered from shingles?

What were your experiences of this?

Did you suffer from a lowered immune system resulting in you suffering a series of infections?

What did you do?

Does anyone have any advice on recovery?

Does anyone have a sort of life plan for getting back to good health?

I would really appreciate it if you all can rack your brains and any advice will be really appreciated. I am generally in good health and want to get back to that. Hopefully, I have finished with all the illness for the full year. Lol!

At least I will be back blogging regularly again and will post my next blog on my usual blog days which are, as you may know, are Wednesday and Sunday.

So hopefully I will hear from you all soon and will carry on with my blogging journey.

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6 thoughts on “Back on track……

  1. I got shingles a few years ago on holiday. I thought it was bad sunburn till I got back and saw a doctor. Luckily I got acyclovir which is an anti viral drug which reduced the symptoms. Sometimes still get post hepatic pain in my back from where the shingles were. I only got it because I caught chicken pox when I was 28!

    1. Thank you so much that’s so kind hopefully I am going to be ok from here fingers crossed I just need a plan moving forward to get my immune system working again xx

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