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The Go To Girls Blog Facing Her Fears Again…….

Before Christmas Chris and I went to London, if you read my blog you will already know that we love it there. We visit as often as we can at least once or twice a year. We always come back with lots of tales to tell. This time we did some research and found out that Tower Bridge has a glass floor across between the two towers.


Well people say you learn something new every day and this was the thing we learned that day! I don’t know how long it has been there but we were very excited to go and have a look. I say excited Chris was excited I was scared with a tiny bit of excitement mixed in. When we arrived we we’re surprised to find out the tickets were very cheap £9.80 each or if you want to climb The Monument as well it is £12 each.



We couldn’t believe it. We paid for both attractions, well if I was going to face my fears again I might as well do it in style. Lol! It was not what we expected at all, it was a part guided tour. You get escorted to the escalator by the guide who then directs you in and sets you off to the top of the first tower. 

You are shown a video of the history of Tower Bridge before you are allowed to make your way across the pathway towards the second tower.  Surprisingly the glass part is not as you expect and across the entire width of the gap but just across the middle of the path.  The size of the glass is approx five feet across and about twenty feet long. 

Out of everyone who went up to the glass about half of them simply walked around the glass floor.  This really surprised me as I thought everyone would have walked across it?!!?  No! there were some really strange reactions to the glass floor.  It was like they did not know it was there.  Maybe they did not!!  Anyway, this was my chance to ‘face my fears’ AGAIN!! I have been doing this a lot recently, well in the last few years. 

I started just putting my foot on the glass and peering around the edges of it.  Chris, as you can imagine was showing off and just showed no fear, walked right across the middle of the glass floor.  I am not sure if he makes me braver or it is the competitor in me but the next thing I found myself walking across the glass as well.  I thought we were really being brave and then Chris started a new trend and began laying down on the glass and just basically showing off. 

Posing, looking down over the road Chris rolled over to face up and noticed there was actually a mirrored ceiling.  You could get some amazing photos using the ground and the mirrored ceiling.  Before we know it everyone was following our lead and I even laid across every which way I could imagine and took lots and lots of photos.  Have a look and let me know what you think.  I think I am so brave. 

Am i brave or am I brave!!!!!! As you know its all just another day in the life of The Go To Girls Blog.  

Thanks for reading, please come back soon for the rest of our trip to London including our 312 step climb to the top of the London Monument and find out if I went out on the ledge!!! or did I!!!!

Come back soon for another tale from The Go To Girls Blog, tales of love, life, family and travel.

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx

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    1. Thanks I am terrified as well but I try everything and if I don’t succeed at least I can say I tried x

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