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The Marietas Islands, Pacific Ocean Adventures.

We booked this trip to The Marietas Islands through Vallarta Adventures (find them on Twitter at the following @Vallarta_advent)

We arrived at the meeting point and checked in at the front gate with the rep, they sent us down a lush tropical winding path towards where they boat and crew were waiting.

At the end of the path was a café and what appeared to be 2 massive marine tanks with tropical fish and turtles in.

Arriving at the Dock

My beautiful picture
Day trip to Marietas Islands

We stopped and had breakfast while we were waiting for the crew to ready the boat for the trip.  There seemed to be quite a few people booked onto the trip so we thought it must be a good choice. After about half an hour we got escorted onto the boat and off we all went on our Pacific Ocean adventures and what an adventure…..


We left the harbour and headed out to sea towards the Marietas Islands (Search hidden beach for more info) The sea view was beautiful, the sun was shining and it was hot, hot, hot…

We are not sure how far this was but we traveled for around one and a half hours when we left the coast of Puerto Vallarta.  We just sat and watched the world go by.

Most of the journey was ok but about halfway through the boat ride the sky started getting dark and it started raining.

The wind started picking up a bit, the general mood was everything was ok but as we got further out to sea the sky got darker and darker and it got windier and windier.

Stormy weather in the Pacific Ocean.

The rain became heavier and the mood of the boat seemed to change to oh! we are actually sailing into this storm We asked the crew member if we would be turning back

No (what did he mean no !)

This is normal weather he said  (for who?)

I don’t make a habit personally of sailing into Pacific Ocean storms myself!

The storm carried on and the heavens opened the crew came round and closed the tarpaulin sides around us and all we could do was watch the all-consuming storm all around us.

We plowed on through the storm I was scared and wondered if it would continue getting worse but a last we saw ahead a spot of clear sky and all of a sudden the storm was gone.  In front of us was the most beautiful scene we had ever seen…..

There was blue sky and there on the horizon was ‘the Marietas Islands’

As we pulled up near them the crew told us we would be swimming soon so get ready.  Off I went to get into my bikini, well already had them on so just remove the top layer and get snorkel flippers and life jackets on, then all that was left to do dive into the ocean.

Green Sea & White Sands

Walk on the beach
Walk on the beach

I had never done this before so was a bit apprehensive of swimming in the wide-open ocean even wearing a life jacket
Well, you hear all sorts of stories of shark attacks and other sea creatures that attack or sting you, I got stung a couple of years later stood on the beach lol.

Anyway, off the boat we went, we had to swim for about a quarter of a mile until the crew directed us towards a cave.
When we arrived there we had to swim through a cave-like opening for about 30 yards.

When we got to the end of the tunnel it opened out into a hidden beach, we were told it used to be a cave but was hit by a bomb sometime in the past making it into a donut type island with a hidden beach in the center.

You can only access this at certain times of the day as the entrance disappears when the tide comes in.. We had to be in and out in a certain amount of time so we did not get stuck inside.

Once we were inside it was time to explore, it was not very big and there was a lot of people arriving all at once so you had to make good the time you had inside.  We had our photos took when we got out of the water and removed our snorkels.

If you look carefully you can just make out the hole we swam through behind us in the picture of us in our snorkels
I think the star jump photos were my favorites as Chris looked like he was Fred Flintstone stood on his tippy toes in the photo.

The Hidden Beach

Anyway more later on this trip,  we see the blue boobies soon and I mean the birds…

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