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If you read my blogs regularly you will know Chris and I went to Amsterdam for four nights and managed to fit a lot into those days one of those things was the Amsterdam Dungeon.  On the last day, we thought we would go and get some photos around some of the touristy places.

On the list was the museum quarter as there is an Amsterdam sign that seems to create a lot of photo opportunities.  What do you think of our video?

What should we do next?  We were going to go to Madame Tussauds so off we went on the tram.  We arrived at Dam Square and made our way to the waxworks but there was quite a big queue and we had again not pre-booked.

We did not want to push our luck as we had been lucky all throughout this trip, especially getting Anne Frank tickets.  Just down the road from Madame Tussauds was the Amsterdam Dungeon.

The Amsterdam Dungeon



Chris and I thought this was going to be similar to Madame Tussauds, you know walk in, walk around and see stuff!  How wrong we were. it actually turned out to be a lot more fun that either of us anticipated.  The fun began before we even got into the actual dungeon.

We went to the door and asked if there were tickets so we could go in straight away.  Yes was the answer.  Great we replied and off we went.  In front of us were two young girls who asked if they could use the bathroom.

They were directed towards the bathroom through a door.  Shortly after the door closed I followed.  I opened the door to hear the same two girls screaming.  Are you ok I asked?  Oh yes, we thought you were part of the show and was coming to get us!!!

This is actually the real toilets and the dungeon is not down here I laughed.  We all went about our business and returned up the stairs and were directed to a small room.

img_20180912_183417571126150257691860.jpgWait here said the guide.  We subsequently were shown through a number of different rooms all with a performance by one of the cast members, telling the next installment of the story.  It was both hilarious and slightly scary.

For me, my highlight of the experience was in one of the rooms the lady approached Chris asking him if he liked her tights.  One thing about my husband is he is quite outgoing but where women are concerned he is quite shy.

The look on his face was priceless.
When she started raising her dress he started getting really embarrassed but the best bit was, walking through into the next room followed by Chris.  He came over to me and said she just spanked me with her paddle.

The Amsterdam Dungeon

Feet on the cobbles
Feet on the cobbles

I literally nearly wet my pants I laughed so hard.  I think for Chris his favourite part was them all burning me at the stake as I am a witch.  I will explain for context.  We were in another room and the guide asked who was a witch, I volunteered (stupidly)

He came over to me and sniffed me, yes you are, come with me.  From here he tied me to a stake and set (fake) fire to me.

Asked if I had any final words for the people who were about to burn me at the stake naturally I cursed them all.  Then I was burned to death.

Burning in the Dungeon


After I came back to life (I am a witch after all)  and was given a certificate of witchcraft.


I followed the group out and told them all I am back LOL!  By the time the tour ended, it was time to go back to the hotel and pick up our luggage to go to the airport and finally our trip was over.  But one thing we can always say…..


The Go To Girls Blog loves Amsterdam so thanks to everyone who made this trip happen.

More reasons to love being me…..

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