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Theo’s Day out at the park.

Where we live we are really lucky we have a large park, it has a fishing pond, a children’s play area, a paddling pool, a bird aviary and a large open green space for sports, etc. Its called Pickering Park.

Pickering Park


We like to take Theo here for walks especially during warmer weather. The park is about five minutes walk from our house. We usually take drinks and snacks and towels, you never know how long you are going to be out at the park as there is always someone you know. Sometimes you meet new people doing the same things you are, its quite a friendly place where we live which is nice especially for the kids.

First stop is the pond, people fishing along the banks, there is quite a bit of wildlife on and around the pond. Ducks, swans and loads of geese, loads of them and they are quite big.


The pond is quite large and takes a while to walk all the way around, there is no point trying to rush your way around, the park is so lovely you have to just take a slow walk around and take in all it has to offer.

The next stop is the children’s play area. Theo loves to go on the swings and slides, he really likes to go on the climbing frame but he is so small we have to stand under him as he is climbing on I ready to catch him if he falls as you cannot tell him he is too small for it.

More recently the local council has put up a climbing wall, an assault course, a zip-line as well as a basketball court and an outdoor exercise area. Nowadays Theo makes us all exercise when we go to the park. We do exercise anyway but the park is so much more fun to exercise in when we have Theo we cant get away with a few minutes here and there.



He goes on the assault course from start to finish, his little legs hardly fit in the tyres part of the course, they go up to his knees. Right at the back of the park is a bird aviary, it is full of parrots, budgies, chickens, peacocks and loads of others I don’t know the names of.


Next to the aviary is a small pond surrounded by trees and in those trees live loads of very friendly squirrels. The squirrels love monkey nuts and you can actually hand fed them. I don’t know whether Theo was amazed by the presence of squirrels or by the fact they came up to us but his face was a picture. He looked at his gramps as if to say WOW! what are those things?




So that was our day at the park, we all had a great time, got fitter and learned a little about squirrels
As always loving being me, see you soon for more tales of love, life, and family,

Love from The Go To Girls Blog. xxx