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Bus Experiences! Why Do Buses Drive People Crazy?

I get the bus every day and started seeing different types of people I started to categorise them according to the annoying habits they had.

Night Sky
Night Sky

The Whistler

There weirdly is two kinds of Whistler (wow how do I even know this) it depends on where you sit on the bus
First there is the bus driver thinks he’s whistling a tune and he is in tune – to the outside world he is that annoying crow that sits outside your house whistling at 5 in the morning on the only day you get to lie in Then there is the women attractor, he ( generally whistlers are men in my experience ) sits at the back of the bus in his king position ( the highest furthest back seat) watching all women who get on the bus while whistling to see which ones he can attract beware if you look up to see where the awful noise is coming from and you accidentally make eye contact with him.

The Hummer

This the person with the headphones on humming away to the music but does not realize they are humming out loud they think they sound like an 80’s beatbox but in reality, sound like a couple of angry bees
The drama queen
She gets on the bus and sits in the seat opposite and calls whoever then proceeds to tell the poor recipient of the call every bad thing that has happened to them this week which is a lot from the bad hair day to the eyebrows incident OMG the horror!

The Singer

This is one of my favorites the person on the bus that wants to be discovered they think they sound like Beyonce, in reality, it’s more like my dog when he is hungry ( the ‘feed me’ howl)
The attention seeker
They sit next to you and try there best to get your attention ( I particularly avoid these) it can be a sigh or a huff as if to say please ask me if I am ok ( never do this) unless you want to spend your entire bus ride listening to the woes of their life

The Loud Speaker

They get on the bus and they see their mate and they begin chatting but they are not just talking to the mate but to the whole bus ( usually I find bragging about the night before) very loudly aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!

The Moaner

Pretty much the same as the attention seeker they just want to moan and they probably won’t have anyone at home to moan too as they probably hear it so much they don’t listen anymore

The Drunk

My least favorite I am going home on the bus and it’s 5ish. The bus stops and on gets a man I think omg I will have to move for this poor man as he obviously has some sort of disability ( I was sat on the front seat )

So I get up to move to be met by the following ‘ don’t you worry darling I can squash on the seat with you ‘ then a feeling of dread comes across me as I slowly realize this man is so drunk he cannot actually move without the support of any inanimate object

I can’t believe I am now trapped on the inside seat on a very long bus ride oh no why me?? He tries chatting me up all the way home making a 15 minutes bus ride turn into an hour ride from hell



Oh well, what can you do I am alive and I am healthy.

Loving being me,

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