Family…. There Is Nothing More Important To Me! What About You?

I started listening more since I started blogging, I thought I did before but when you are looking for inspiration you seem to be more aware maybe of the conversations going on around you.
I hear people all the time talking about their families if you know me you will know my family situation if not, in brief, I was adopted and grew up in care with a pretty awful family (parts of it anyway)

It was when I had children of my own I began to ‘make my own family’. I found myself a great stepfamily, I still have them in my life over 30 years later and they have helped me raise two beautiful children and now a beautiful grandson.

Considering how I was dragged up I was so surprised how well my children turned out. Thanks to my stepfamily and the support they gave us, at least my children had a chance to grow up with a loving family around them with grandparents and aunties and uncles.

All of them doted on the kids but it’s no wonder they were the most beautiful children and so loving too.
Anyway, I digress as I was saying people talk about their families all the time but the amount of time I hear people who hate their families, maybe not all of it but one or two people out of the family.

I find it hard to listen sometimes as I would have done anything to have a family of my own back when I was younger and here are people who have that and they don’t want it.  It’s weird how things turn out, how many people want what others have but they don’t want what they have and they don’t even see how special the people already in their lives are.  Yes they are annoying,  sometimes, so are you… but its the ones who embellish your life.

The ones who add to your life but never take anything away.  If you have people in your life who are always taking, I don’t mean money or ‘things’,I mean the trouble causer, the bully, the friend who is always a friend when they want something but never return the favour, you really should consider if you need them in our life at all.  If the answer is no then you need to let them go.  Life is way too short to be living someone else’s life or having someone living yours.

I call mine, my homemade family, a family I made and I love.  We all make it special in some way and we all have our own personalities.  It’s not a very big family but it does not have to be doe’s it, we added another branch of family when I married the most amazing man I have ever met.  So then there was a few more of us.  Then came the most special addition Theo.

So now we are almost complete, we only need one more family member.  I am sure they will come along one day…..

I suppose what I am trying to say is you really have to live your life for yourself and for the most precious things you can ever have in your life… which is your family.  Make your own like me if you have to but make sure you love all of the family you have or what is the point of having them.

I hope you have your own loving family,

Thanks for reading.

Loving being me.

Love The Go To Girls Blog. xxx

13 thoughts on “Family…. There Is Nothing More Important To Me! What About You?

  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely post. It is such a triumph over the adversities of your earlier years. My mother always said some people harden after a rough childhood, and some love. She loved, and so, obviously do you. God bless.

  2. Beautiful … and particularly so given your honesty (I hear you when you speak of how few people share about the shadow/toxic family stuff), and how we can create a healthier, more loving ‘family of choice’. Many thanks for visiting Sophia’s Children; I’m enjoying a peek at your musings and beautiful photos, too. Blessings, Jamie

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