Toddler Rules Are Now In Force

If you read our blog regularly you would have come across a post called Toddler Rules.

Toddler Rules
Toddler Rules

This is a set of rules for a toddler and unbeknown to them (or us at the time) they came to be real.

We originally found these rules on a t-shirt we brought Theo back from Florida and quickly came to realise they are actually real rules as we watched Theo demonstrate all of them.

Then when Theo turned four we rewrote them as they were a bit outdated.  The results were amazing.  We laughed so much when we wrote them as we reminisced about all of the examples of the rules in action.  The new Toddler Rules

We recently recorded Theo enforcing these rules and thought we should share it.  Have a look!


PS Excuse you gramps!!

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