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Top Five Tips You Should Do To Building A Sucessful Blog

Welcome to The Go To Girls Blog Top 5 Do’s For Building a Successful Blog.

Top Ten Do's & Don'ts To Create a sucessful blog
Top Ten Do’s & Don’ts To Create A Successful Blog

Let’s start with Five Top Tips for what you should do:


1.  Read and follow blogs in the niche you are interested in.
The more you read the more you will get ideas from seasoned bloggers for your own work.


2. Interact with people and be friendly.  Everyone loves to find that kindred spirit.  People often meet & click with over a common interest.  This will help you make friends and give you someone to bounce ideas over with.


3.  If you have Social Media Accounts use them to increase traffic to your site.  If you don’t use Social Media consider starting as this is a great way to get your blogs out to more people.


4.  If someone contacts you ALWAYS reply.  Even if it is a simple thank you.  You will be surprised how much people appreciate this.


5.  The final do in this list is do your research or if you do forget something about somewhere you have been telling your audience.  I recently forgot how many floors at a museum and so I did not look a complete fool just mentioned this to my readers.  (I said 3 floors I think but forgive me if there are more as there was so much to take in) Try not to get facts wrong or you will get pulled up on them.



One last thing.

There are lots more things I could tell you but this is my first time helping my friends.  Keep on reading my blog for more information and top tips. 


For tomorrows post the Top Five Don’ts!


Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions about building your blog from the perspective of a relatively new blogger.


Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx






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