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Building An Amazing Blog! Do Not Do Any Of These Five Things!!!

Welcome to The Go To Girls Blog Top 5 Don’ts If You Want To Build a Successful Blog.

Here is The Go To Girls Blog Top 5 things you must not do:

1.  Do not be rude to anyone.  This could be ignoring people or responding to negative comments.  Let bad people be bad but don’t let them turn you bad.

2.  Do not post negative things about people and do not write bad things in your posts.  Try and keep a positive vibe in your writing.  If you are writing a negative story try and put across both sides of a story.

3. Don’t get sucked in by people telling all those get rich quick stories.  Write because you love to write, if you end up monetising your site (monetising means making money from your site, just in case you did not know) then that’s great.

4.  Don’t spend money you don’t have.  Many sites and videos will say you need this app or this course.  You do not need anything apart from your website to write your blog.  This may change as you get bigger but for a small blog or a beginner, remember to keep your money in your pocket for now.

5.  The most important don’t on this list is, don’t get disheartened.  Believe me, you will get disheartened by the pace you are growing or the number of readers and followers you have frequently.  This is natural during the initial stages of your life as a blogger.


One last thing.

There are lots more things I could tell you so keep on reading my blog for more information and top 10’s.  

Do you have any questions?  

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