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Blogging Rule 18. Design.

Design is important.

Blogging Rule 18. Design.
Blogging Rule 18. Design.

The design of your blog and website is the most important thing you will need to master if you want to produce a successful brand. You should make it easy for your readers to get around using menus is a great way to do this.  They will guide you around your website with relative ease if you have formulated and organised them correctly.

Make sure your website is eye-catching, you can do this by picking the right colour theme to match with your blog theme this will make it look professional.

If you have a niche then make sure your theme, colours and even the font you use reflect your niche.  An example of this is if your niche us gardening then a nice natural theme and colour palette will enhance your website whereas a bright neon palette would clash horrifically and ruin the natural look you would normally use for this kind of blog or website.

Just because you are trying to monetise your site don’t overload your posts with adverts, this annoys me so it must annoy other people.

Finally, according to my research, a lot of people now read blogs on phones and pads so make sure your theme design is responsive to being used on phones and pads otherwise you could lose a lot of readers.  WordPress has loads of themes especially for this and they are really easy to install.

Chose your design carefully.

Blogging Rule 18. Design.
Blogging Rule 18. Design.

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Blogging Rule 19 tomorrow.

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