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Blogging Rule 19. Security

Blogging Rule 19. Security

Blogging Rule 19. Security
Blogging Rule 19. Security


This is one rule you must follow.  Security for your blog is crucial. 


I can not stress how important this rule is. Security for your website can mean the difference between your website being potentially taken over by hackers or even held hostage.

I know this sounds dramatic but it is a distinct possibility and is happening more and more.  Just imagine if you spent a month or even a couple of weeks setting up your website and it is perfect. 

You are getting ready to launch, then the unthinkable happens, your website gets hacked!!  You lose all of your hard work, money and time! What do you do then?  What can you do? 

Well, I hate to say it but unless you have some amazing tech skills or know someone who does then you start building your website all over again.  No one wants to do this, do they? 

So take our advice and get your site some security from day one.

Security First

Blogging Rule 19. Security
Blogging Rule 19. Security 

Before you do any work on your website get some form of security.  If you are using WordPress then security is easy as they have a lot of plugins for all of your security needs. 

The Go To Girls Blog uses Bluehost as this provides all the security needed to make our website secure. 

Thanks for reading. 

Blogging Rule 20 tomorrow and then we will have a round-up of the first twenty Blogging Rules in one concise post. 

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx