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Tick Tock Goes The Clock – Video Editing



I love it when we send our videos to be enhanced or edited and things like this come back from the editing suite.  This was a video from a light festival we all went to around Hull. 

The show was set up by our local council as part of the ongoing City of Culture.  We just happened to come across a statue of one of our town heroes which were lit up and noticed behind it was an amazing shadow. 

We all took this as an opportunity to make a memory.  When we got back to the office we sent it off to the editing and design suite to see what they could do with it to make it a bit different and this is the amazing results. 

We love it.  It always amazes me what you can do with video editing packages in the age of technology. 

Have a look and if you need the help of our design and editing suite drop us an email on and we can see what we can do for you and your videos. 

Thanks for reading.

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