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Resignation Given – Check! Tech Business Pending!

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Well, today I have handed in my resignation, which truthfully has been coming for a while now  I can say I am relieved to have finally taken the step and done it as I have not been happy for a while. 

People always say if you have something in your life you are not happy with then change it or cut it out of your life and I have lived by this rule for a long time. 

What is the point of doing something that does not make you happy or on the other hand makes you sad or ill. 

So I am taking my skill out into the big wide world and using then to open up a business of my own.  I can now say with pride

‘My business is preparing to open for business’. 

What business is this?

I am opening my own Tech support and training business. 

The reason behind this is tech support is something I have done for over twenty years in every job role I have ever had so I have gotten pretty good at it. Before I start I need to come up with the details including a great name for it. 

So I thought I would ask my readers to help me come up with an amazing name for this. 

It has to obviously reflect the subject of the business but also need to be a global name, something I can brand. 

If you would like to comment below with any ideas then feel free.  I am looking forward to what my readers come up with! 

Thanks for reading.

Love The Go To Girls Blog xxx

2 thoughts on “Resignation Given – Check! Tech Business Pending!

  1. Always such a big step to hand in one’s resignation. Shows much strength. Wish you all the best with your Tech support and training business, that it would be very successful! 👏

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