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Top Tricks For Social Media Growth!

Here at The Go To Girls Blog, we are getting our brand out on as many social media networks as we can.

To our amazement, we found there is a million and one tricks and tips to enhance your social media and blog following and there are as many books and internet articles on running a blog and how to find and write articles that people will want to read.

Our heads were spinning by the time we got through probably less than one percent of these articles.

With this in mind, we thought we would try and ease the search of fellow bloggers and put it into a concise series of tips and tricks and also put it in a language that more people could understand as a lot of people in the world today are not a ‘techy’ as others.

Have a look at our top 20 tips and tricks we have posted on our site.

These are some of the amazing tricks we have learned from all of the literally thousands of books we have read and videos we have watched.

They all say to get traffic to your blog one of the best ways is to use your social media channels so we thought we will give this a go and see if we can double our blog traffic to


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